The five creaters would like to produce your Shinto style, wearing kimono, wedding at traditional shrines, where you can choose from,
for you. Imagine your memorial Shinto style wedding ceremony in Japan.
Wouldn't it be very nice to celebrate your marriage in Japan
having a traditional Japanese style wedding?
RIN Wedding
plan includes
-Traditional Kimono(female)
-Traditional Hakama(male)
-dressing these traditional
   kimono & Hakama
-wig (female)
-long ornamental hairpin for the wig
-set up for hair
-wedding staff to guide your ceremony
(You can choose from the shrines)

shrines in Utsunomiya,
Nikko, Nasu cities

☆Wedding Cost
  ¥189,000- including tax
※There will be the cost for using of the shrine for about 3 hours including make-ups and hair etc...
    The cost will be depends on the shrine.
※We do have other options for you. Please feel free to ask.
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